Debt collection

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Debt collection

We make sure that our customers are paid their receivables, whatever the industry, without damaging our customers’ relationship with their customers. We also have our own network of process servers who work quickly and efficiently, while taking the debtor’s situation into account.

There will always be customers who cannot pay, but our extensive experience has taught us that this inability is usually temporary. Our customers always have access to a personal administrator who is an expert in their industry to increase the chances of getting paid. We carry on an active dialogue with the debtor in all debt collection matters to create cooperation and individualised payment arrangements. A successful debt collection process can have many different shapes, and we act accordingly. We emphasise this in the dialogue with the debtor and work together to reach a solution. Our goal is for the debtor to pay whilst continuing to be our customer’s customer.

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Develop your market and address information

Streamline everything from direct marketing campaigns to customer records, and analyse your customer database.

Credit information and decision support – Get more leads

Credit scoring and decision support — find all potential customers that you can do good business with.

Financing and factoring

Find out more about our factoring solutions — an effective way to improve your cash flow.

Debt collection

Debt collection is a crucial part of credit management. We handle it in a unique and customer-oriented fashion.

Debt purchase

We buy your claims that have been written-off, or are doubtful. We buy all types of claims, both old and new.

Legal services

Our legal services offer helps ensure your business and your customer relationships.

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