Market and address information

Increased advantage for successful sales

Develop your market and address information

Your customer directory is valuable and we can help you increase its value even more with some TLC. We help you streamline everything from campaigns and direct marketing to directory maintenance and customer database analysis. We take care of your addresses and make sure that they are always up to date. We can also add new addresses adapted to your communication and sales desires, for example, mailings.

Potential to increase your customer base

If you so desire, we help you find new, singled out potential customers. Perhaps you are looking for customers from a certain industry or matching customers from an existing segment? You set the rules – we execute. With Alektum Group, you get access to some of the most experienced experts in the business and the best tools on the market.

Our services

Develop your market and address information

Streamline everything from direct marketing campaigns to customer records, and analyse your customer database.

Credit information and decision support – Get more leads

Credit scoring and decision support — find all potential customers that you can do good business with.

Financing and factoring

Find out more about our factoring solutions — an effective way to improve your cash flow.

Debt collection

Debt collection is a crucial part of credit management. We handle it in a unique and customer-oriented fashion.

Debt purchase

We buy your claims that have been written-off, or are doubtful. We buy all types of claims, both old and new.

Legal services

Our legal services offer helps ensure your business and your customer relationships.

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